Our clients make strategic decisions based on our expertise, and they trust that we can deliver what we promise. Our success is tied directly to the quality of people we employ.

OTH assigns industry-leading talent to manage and deliver on engagements. We are constantly looking for in-depth technical and regional expertise. Learn how to be a part of the team.



Legal, moral and ethical business practices are a cornerstone of OTH. We believe that business is best conducted and society best served when business is based on principles of honesty and integrity, regardless of the environment in which we work.  

Beyond these principles of conduct, our reputation depends on our ability to create value for our clients by understanding their needs.  We bring to bear the highest levels of technical expertise and overlay that with in-depth knowledge of the regions in which we operate.

our Vision

Our vision is to open up the world's natural resource potential responsibly, particularly in regions considered by some to be over the horizon and out of reach

We specialize in regions where our clients' success is at risk from social and political instability, obscure regulatory environments and challenging security conditions.